Twin size trundle beds to give away

Janet Rodgers has a set of US twin size (3×6 ft or 94x187cm) trundle beds to give away from Number 67. They are assembled as a daybed, or the back can be removed and used as a sleigh bed with the trundle that rolls out from underneath. They are in good condition, with coil mattresses, and are very comfortable. Janet also has linens (white cotton) and duvets for the beds. Please arrange to pick them up very soon, as Janet is returning to the US on Wednesday the 21st!

She can be contacted on 01865 511 494 or 07983 820 823.2015-10-15 12.57.07


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Helping Hedgehogs in Victoria Road

Hedgehogs released to our neighbourhood

Many residents have reported hedgehogs living in our gardens, and this neighbourhood has been assessed as suitable for a release site back into the wild for four of the 610 (!) hedgehogs that have been rescued by the Wildlife Hospital near Haddenham, near Thame.

Four healthy hedgehogs were released from 36 Harpes Road garden on Sunday 27th September. They have all dispersed to start their new lives. Many of us have made our gardens wildlife friendly, which is probably the reason why we are home to this population. A daily shallow bowl of fresh water would help them. They will be feeding on slugs and snails, but please see the guidance below on foodstuffs. Hedgehogs are nomadic and need about 12 gardens to roam, so if you are able to follow the guidance from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society below, it would help our new neighbours!

Website give the following hints:
Link your garden (a hole 13cm x 13cm, 5 inches square) in your fence or wall will enable the hedgehogs to get through. The website gives good guidance on making a small tunnel by the hole to make sure that your pets cannot escape.
Making your garden hedgehog friendly – just a small wild patch such as a pile of leaves, a log pile, or if you are keen special hedgehog houses are available.
Slug pellets – a hedgehog (or a song thrush) does not know which slug or snail has been poisoned, so the advice is not to use them. Hedgehogs are voracious slug eaters.
Feeding hedgehogs – a small bowl of meat-based cat or dog food is suitable, unsalted chopped or crushed peanuts, or special hedgehog food is available (bread and milk cause digestive upset so are no longer recommended). Hedgehogs, like all wildlife, need water so a shallow bowl of fresh water is important.
Garden hazards – wire netting (chicken wire) is a particular hazard, or garden ponds that have steep sides so that hedgehogs drown. Putting a ramp or a shallow slope of gravel means that the hedgehog can get out.
Fleas – the fleas that hedgehogs have are specific to them, and will not survive on either humans or pets.
We need to act fast to save hedgehogs, as the population has dropped 30% since 2002. There are now fewer than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK, with an annual 5% decline, the same rate as the global rate of tigers.

If you have any questions, or would like to see examples of holes in fences, hedgehog homes and feeding stations, then you are welcome to contact Elaine Steane or telephone 01865 552531, or Gretchen Seiffert telephone 01865 553699.

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Dog Walker Needed

Our fantastic dog walker has gone on to further education and we are struggling to replace him. Does anyone in Victoria Road know of someone who might be interested in this small but responsible job.  Shona Reed-Purvis at no. 100.

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2015 Victoria Road Garden Party

Correction to the recent VRG minutes, please note that the VRG Garden Party will now be held at No 80 Victoria Road at 3pm on Sunday 12th July.

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Sound Resource Charity – treasurer needed

 Use YOUR skill and experience to support us to

improve wellbeing through singing and music

Sound Resource runs fun, inclusive, participatory singing sessions with adults in Oxfordshire – there are no auditions, participants don’t need experience and there’s no need to read music. Sessions are guided by experienced community singing practitioners using a wide range of musical material.

The charity currently provides regular sessions for people with lung conditions, works in partnership with local housing associations to run weekly sessions for people over 50 and is exploring innovative ways of working in residential homes. The programme is expanding! In addition, Sound Resource mentors those wishing to progress their community singing skills, provides consultancy and is developing methods for measuring the benefits of singing for wellbeing, social benefit and reduction of isolation. Next steps include developing training for health and social care staff and working with people with dementia.

We are looking for a Treasurer

Trustees work as a team, meeting once a quarter, to help the charity achieve its aims. This includes making sure the charity is running well financially and strategically, and is compliant with charity law. Although the role is voluntary and unpaid, trustees have an opportunity to contribute to something with significant positive impact.

Sound Resource has funding to deliver sessions to August 2016, but is actively seeking additional funding to cover core costs and to significantly develop the charity. The Project Manager is actively fundraising and a Trustee with sound financial knowledge and skills would strengthen the existing Trustee team.

If you would like to know more please get in touch

Follow us of Facebook and Twitter @SoundResource

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Professor Bob Williams

Sad to report that a long-standing supporter of Victoria Road Group passed away on Saturday 21st March. Many of us in the road knew Bob through his attendances at VRG meetings to report on local planning issues and news about Cutteslowe Community.  Bob and Jelly hosted the VRG Summer Garden Party on several occasions.  He passed away peacefully at the JR Hospital surrounded by his family.  See below for his academic career (taken from Wikipedia).

Robert Joseph Paton Williams MBE FRS (1926 – 21 March 2015) was an English chemist and an Emeritus Fellow at Wadham College as well as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford. He was elected as a Fellow of The Royal Society in 1972 and was a Foreign Member of the Swedish, Portuguese, Czechoslovakian and Belgian science academies. He was a medallist of the Biochemical Society (twice), the Royal Society (twice), the Royal Society of Chemistry (three times), the European Biochemical Societies (twice) and the International Union of Biochemistry. He won the Royal Medal in 1995.

Williams was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2010 New Year Honours for services to the community in North Oxford.

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VRG Minutes 12/3/15


Minutes of meeting of 12/3/15

Present: Paul, Sam , Mary, Ali, Anna, Mike, Gordon, Sue, Liz, Sally, Iona.

Apologies: John, Manda, Barbara, Jean, Mireille, Jonathan.

1 Matters Arising: Sam is still looking into SESI; Liz is still working on the blog; It was agreed that we would circulate the password and generally promote it. Paul will check to make sure Bill is not cut off in the process. Sam reported that the neighbourhood Forum is still moving ahead: there is a meeting on Friday 20th March to hear from the Council on Diamond Place.

2 Quiz Night.

The event was well attended (60) and much liked. The winning team got a 72% score. There was much discussion about how to dissuade people from bringing their own drink with no clear conclusion.. The event took £559 making a profit of £287 giving us a current balance of £495. The group of Paul, Mick and Anna were thanked for their work and for producing an excellent event.

3 Green balloon Day

This will be held on Sunday May 10 from 11-1pm. Paul will prepare and print flyers (2) and pass them to Sam . Manda, Iona and Sam will distribute. First mailing w/c April 20; second w/c may 4th. Ali will purchase the balloons.

The location will be possibly NO 55: Paul will approach Cass and Andy. If not possible, then we will approach the Leighfields: both have a south facing drive.

There will be the usual mix of things with no strong theme.

Set up to be done by Paul and Sam and clear up by Paul and Jonathan

It was agreed to run a drumming circle on the day.

VRG will need volunteers on the day. Please contact Paul if you will be there and can help.

4 Garden Party

This is being held on Sunday July 12th at No 42, courtesy of Mary McKnight. Planning will take place at the next meeting.

5 Safari Supper

This is to be held On Saturday Oct 17th. There will be sufficient time to organise it after the summer.

6 Notice Board

Paul raised the possibility that we might have a second notice board nearer the east end of the street. It was discussed and thought to be a good idea. We would cast around for a second site. Mary will approach Alison and ask Peter if he could help making it. Paul also offered to repaint the existing notice board.

7 Film Nights

This had been raised two meetings ago but nothing had happened so far. Mike was enthusiastic as were others. Someone needs to take a lead. The publicity about a screening could be done on the blog or via the email list. It didn’t need to involve much hosting or food. And there are projectors available.

Paul promised to circulate instructions for use of the blog.

8 Future events

It was agreed that we would hold the next Media Madness event in late Jan 2016.

Christmas drinks will be held on Sunday Dec 13th at No 56.


There will be a Seven Roads Open Gardens event on weekend of 13/14 June followed by an open-air film.

There will be a climate and environment hustings meeting at the Town hall on April 28th, 7.30.

10 Date of Next meeting May 18th @ 46 at 8pm

Iona was thanked for hosting the meeting.


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