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Stolen Bike

My bike was stolen sometime on Friday, Friday /Saturday night 18/19 May. It was taken from the back of our garage which can only be reached by climbing some fences or railings. We found no traces anywhere. I thought I would let you all know to keep garages locked, windows closed etc etc. The bike was about 30 odd years old and nothing special but it had good replacement wheels and bike lights.

Jelly Williams

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Oxford News from Thames Valley Police on Disturbances

Police would like to update you with information about a recent crime;

Thames Valley Police can confirm that there have been small outbreaks of disorder in parts of the force area overnight.

The main issues were in Reading and Oxford.

Police received several reports of a small group of youths with their faces covered causing a disturbance in Whitley, during which a car was overturned. Police issued a Section 60 Order, allowing them to remove masks and balaclavas from anyone in the area, to tackle the disorder. There was also a car fire in Northcourt Avenue, shortly after midnight, which is being treated as arson.

In Oxford, police were called to reports of an arson attack at the McDonald’s restaurant in London Road, Headington, Oxford, shortly after midnight (9/8). A 26-year-old man has been arrested in connection with this incident and is currently in police custody at this time.

Officers were also called to a ca! r fire in Barton Road, Barton, at 12.50am this morning (9/8) after a black VW Polo was set alight.

In addition to dealing with these issues, Thames Valley Police continues to provide officers to support the Metropolitan Police.

Deputy Chief Constable Francis Habgood, said: “There have been a lot of rumours circulating on social networking sites about ‘riots’, some of which are untrue or greatly exaggerated. However, there has been some disorder across the force area.

“These are copy cat incidents of those that have been happening in London, although involving far fewer people. Obviously, we are aware that these incidents and the images people will have seen from the problems in London and other areas of the country will be causing distress and anxiety.

“You may notice an increase in the number of police officers in your area at this time and this should not cause alarm. These officers are there to provide reassurance and tack! le any criminal activity that may occur.

“I would also like to appeal to the community to let police know of any suspicious looking gatherings of young people and any information they may have about people who may have been involved in disorder.”

Thames Valley Police has issued the following precautionary advice to businesses in the area:

1. Ensure staff report any suspicious activity to security officials and the police

2. Consider regular checks of the building and surrounding areas. Identify any areas that are vulnerable and remove loose objects that could be used as missiles.

3. Make sure all service doors are kept locked and secure when not in use

4. Ensure your CCTV system is fully operational

5. Consider removing high value goods from display windows overnight

6. Keep as little cash as possible in the building overnight

7. Where possible retails premises should be suitably staffed with security guards

8. Landlords nee! ds to ensure that residents living above commercial premises are aware of risks and ensure that all fire alarms, smoke alarms and fire escapes are fully functional

9. Does your alarm company have the latest key holder information? If not call them now.

10. Does your business have an emergency business plan?

11 Petrol stations should avoid selling petrol in small containers.

12. In the event of an emergency call 999

If you have any information about offenders in the disorder in Reading or Oxford please contact Thames Valley Police on 0845 8 505 505.

Alternatively, if you do not want to speak to police, or leave your name, please contact the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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The Neighbourhood Watch Dog


Neighborhood Watch Dog in Action

Victoria Road’s Neighbourhood Watch Dog

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A male has inappropriately approached a young boy whilst on his way home from school.  This incident happened on Wednesday 20 January in Leckford Road around mid to late afternoon.
If you know of any child that has reported a similar incident please contact the police on 0845 8 505 505.
Thank you for your time.

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VRG Minutes are On the Line

The Minutes of the 21 October 2009 meeting of the Victoria Road Group (VRG) are posted on the VRG Web site. Click here to go to the Minutes. Issues covered in this meeting included everything from quiz night to freedom of expression, so do check them out, and come to the next meeting scheduled for 21st of January (notices of time and place to be circulated as usual).


Trial Ballon over Victoria Road

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Battery Recycling

Small and large used batteries (anything from AAA to car batteries) may be put in a small, metal container in front of No. 41 Victoria Road. Please help us to recycle.

Even the tiniest batteries are highly toxic. 

Thank you for helping to keep our environment clean.

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News from Our Neighborhood Watch Co-ordinator

I am the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. I put relevant messages from TVP on the Victoria Road Notice Board. I will try to post messages that are sent to me straight onto this site, so a wider audience can see the messages. I used to put letters through the letter boxes of all the houses but as I do this post as a volunteer it started to get very expensive. I also feel that putting it straight onto this site would be a green way of sending information, instead of using paper. I also feel that people will be able to get hold of me quickly if they need any information. Please use comments to this post if you have questions about neighborhood watch that would be of value to other members of the Road.

Oona Feazey, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator


There are 3 messages for your information from Thames Valley Community Messaging:-

During the last week there has been a spate of thefts from motor vehicles in the North Oxford area. Small items that have been left on display inside parked vehicles have been taken.
Please remember to remove all valuable and attactive items from your vehicle when it is left unattended. If you are able please pass this advice on to your neighbours and friends.
Many thanks for your time.


The Home Office has compiled an information pack to help keep homes safe. You can order your pack by phoning 0800 456 1213 and quoting “burglary pack”. If you order this pack you will also receive a discount voucher for home security supplies from a major DIY retailer.
Thank you for your time.


The Home Office has announced that a National Domestic Burglary Awareness Day of action will take place on Tuesday 7th April. The Neighbourhood Specialist Officers and the Police Community Support Officers will be out in the community to offer information, they will also be handing out leaflets on Crime Prevention, and bike marking etc.
The Three Top Tips from Neighbourhood Watch are;
Never leave keys near a window or door (thieves are increasingly stealing car keys so they can take cars, often using a hook or magnet on a stick pushed through the letterbox).
In just over one third (30%) of burglaries with entry, the thief gained access through an unlocked door or open window. Make sure doors and windows are locked particularly when leaving the house.
Are often left unlocked and may be full of tools ideal for breaking into the rest of the house. Fit sheds and garages with strong padlocks. Always lock ladders in the garage or shed to stop a thief using them.

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Uneven Pavement: Is it a problem? What can be done?

Several members of the VRG have noted the potential risks of the uneven pavement on the street. Others felt it was not a problem.

What do you think about this issue? Is it a problem? If so, what do you believe should be done?

NOTE: You may report any problem with a local road, path or pavement online at

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Neighborhood Policing

Nearly a half dozen officers have been assigned to a Summertown Neighbourhood Policing Team. They can be contacted by phone on 08458 505505 or by e-mail at

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Hello Victoria Road!

What should we be discussing on the VRG blog site? What should we not discuss?

What should we talk about?

What should we talk about?



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