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The URN for this message is 838/06/03. On Saturday 6th March at about 1.30pm in Union Street, Oxford a male has knocked at door claiming to be a police officer. He asked the 91 year old occupant if he could speak with her son or daughter, the aggrieved replied they were not there. The male has gone straight to kitchen at rear of property asking her to follow him. He has spoken to her briefly saying that there have been robberies in the area and asked if her money was safe. The aggrieved has checked her hand bag and replied yes, the male has then left and on this occasion did not take anything. The male is described as wearing some sort of uniform and had a photographic ID card. The male is White, 40 years, 5’08, slim build with dark brown hair. We would once again like to stress how important it is not to let anybody into your home even if they say they are a Police Officer until you have verified their identity. To check whether the person is a genuine Police Officer ask f!
or his/her name and number, close the door and phone the Police Non Emergency number 0845 8 505 505. Once on the phone explain that you need to be sure that the visitor is genuine The “Police Enquiry Centre” will be able to confirm this. The Police Officer will not mind waiting while you check if anything they will commend this action, if the caller is not genuine he will probably have gone by the time you return.

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A recent police operation during January and February to target offenders in Oxford has reduced crime overall across the City.
Offences from mid January to mid February 2010 compared in percentage terms with the same period in 2009 are as follows:-
Burglary Dwelling = 56 15% reduction;
Robbery = 23 92% increase;
Theft from vehicles = 44 51% reduction;
Theft of vehicles = 32 45% reduction;
All crime = 1,549 10% reduction.
Please bear in mind that although the percentage increase in robbery is high the number of offences, less than one a day, is relatively low compared with other crime in the City. The police will continue to focus attention on robbery offences and provide crime reduction advice through the Neighbourhood Teams.
Thank you for your time.

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The URN for this message is 1443/12/02. Unfortunately after the message we sent out on Friday there were three Distraction burglary’s just outside of the Oxford area and one in the Oxford area. The Distraction burglary took place on Jackson Road, Cutteslowe on Friday 12th February at about 8.30pm. The method of entry was different from the previous reports. The burglars gained entry under the guise of “Water board workers” who said they were “dealing with an emergency which had occurred up the road at a neighbours house”. The burglars got away with cash and jewellery. One of the males was white in his forty’s, with sallow skin, about 5’2 and of medium build, he was wearing a dark woolly hat, navy blue overalls and glasses, he spoke with a cockney accent. Please continue to warn all your neighbours especially the elderly and venerable. The message we would like you to pass on is “not to let anybody into your home” without an appointment even if they say it is an emergency.
Or why not join the “password scheme”. Thames Water operate a doorstep password scheme which is open to all customers. Once you register a personal password, any caller claiming to be from the local water company must say this password before you let them in. If they can’t give your password, keep the door shut and call us straight away. Join our password scheme by calling our Customer Centre on 0845 9200 800 (Minicom 0845 7200 898). All our main suppliers operate the same scheme. To contact Southern Electric – 0800 622 838. British Gas – 0800 072 8625.

Confirming a genuine caller

To find out more about Thames Valley Police in your area – please go to our website at

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This message is sent to you on behalf of PC Jan Robinson the Crime Reduction Officer for Oxford City.
There have been several offenses over the past few weeks just outside Oxford City where offenders pretending to be Police Officers have tricked elderly people into opening the door. The most recent case was near Bicester last night. The current story is that there are people in the garden and that the Police have retrieved money from them and need to check if it belongs to the householder. Apparently the bogus Police Officers are wearing uniform similar to official Police uniform and carrying ID cards. Please be extra vigilant and remind any particularly vulnerable or elderly neighbours not to let anyone in even if they say they are from the police without checking first. The best way to check if the Police Officer is genuine is to 1)ask the Officer for their name and number 2)ring the Police Control room to check if they are legitimate on 0845 8 505 505. Any genuine police officer won’t mind waiting.

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A male has inappropriately approached a young boy whilst on his way home from school.  This incident happened on Wednesday 20 January in Leckford Road around mid to late afternoon.
If you know of any child that has reported a similar incident please contact the police on 0845 8 505 505.
Thank you for your time.

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Good News. Yesterday 12th November in Oxford Road, Littlemore at about 11am a woman walked into the back door of a house and stole the occupants handbag. The elderly occupants who were in the house at the time saw the woman leave and tried to give chase. At the same time the Refuse men were collecting rubbish, saw what was going on and managed to stop the woman and retrieve the handbag. Well done to the our refuse collectors for being so observant. The police were called and because of the information from the refuse collectors the woman was identified and was arrested. Please advise your neighbours to keep all doors locked when they are not in the room and handbags and car keys should be kept out of sight.

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Attempted Distraction Burglary


The reference for this message is URN 373 /11/11.
An attempted distraction burglary occurred around 11 am on Wednesday 11 November (today) in Oxford Road, Marston. The elderly resident was told that the fence on her property had fallen down and needed repairs. She had the presence of mind to lock the doors before checking for damage.
Three men were then seen to run off.
The police have a description of just one of the males involved.  He is described as 5’5″ tall, short brown hair and wearing a jacket. He spoke very softly.
If you saw anything at all suspicious in the Marston area, please call the Neighbourhood Watch Office on Oxford 335133.
Thank you for you time.

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