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This message is sent to you on behalf of PC Jan Robinson the Crime Reduction Officer for Oxford City.
There have been several offenses over the past few weeks just outside Oxford City where offenders pretending to be Police Officers have tricked elderly people into opening the door. The most recent case was near Bicester last night. The current story is that there are people in the garden and that the Police have retrieved money from them and need to check if it belongs to the householder. Apparently the bogus Police Officers are wearing uniform similar to official Police uniform and carrying ID cards. Please be extra vigilant and remind any particularly vulnerable or elderly neighbours not to let anyone in even if they say they are from the police without checking first. The best way to check if the Police Officer is genuine is to 1)ask the Officer for their name and number 2)ring the Police Control room to check if they are legitimate on 0845 8 505 505. Any genuine police officer won’t mind waiting.

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A male has inappropriately approached a young boy whilst on his way home from school.  This incident happened on Wednesday 20 January in Leckford Road around mid to late afternoon.
If you know of any child that has reported a similar incident please contact the police on 0845 8 505 505.
Thank you for your time.

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Good News. Yesterday 12th November in Oxford Road, Littlemore at about 11am a woman walked into the back door of a house and stole the occupants handbag. The elderly occupants who were in the house at the time saw the woman leave and tried to give chase. At the same time the Refuse men were collecting rubbish, saw what was going on and managed to stop the woman and retrieve the handbag. Well done to the our refuse collectors for being so observant. The police were called and because of the information from the refuse collectors the woman was identified and was arrested. Please advise your neighbours to keep all doors locked when they are not in the room and handbags and car keys should be kept out of sight.

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Attempted Distraction Burglary


The reference for this message is URN 373 /11/11.
An attempted distraction burglary occurred around 11 am on Wednesday 11 November (today) in Oxford Road, Marston. The elderly resident was told that the fence on her property had fallen down and needed repairs. She had the presence of mind to lock the doors before checking for damage.
Three men were then seen to run off.
The police have a description of just one of the males involved.  He is described as 5’5″ tall, short brown hair and wearing a jacket. He spoke very softly.
If you saw anything at all suspicious in the Marston area, please call the Neighbourhood Watch Office on Oxford 335133.
Thank you for you time.

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Swindon are leaflet dropping in the Oxfordshire area


A company from Swindon are leaflet dropping in the Oxfordshire area, posing as a local group. They follow up with a knock on the door and explain they have a number of builders from the Swindon area looking for work. (Beware they are from Swindon however they give an address in Oxford) The trader will then quote a cheap price for anything from small jobs to a house extension. We have had a number of complaints and an expert is of the opinion that some of the work is of poor quality.

If you are unsure then Trading Standards advice is not to deal with anyone who cold-calls and to get several quotes and references. Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards also have an approved list of traders in Oxfordshire. A list of traders can be obtained from Trading Standards calling 0845 051 0845 option 1 or 2 or looking at the website

However if anybody leaflet drops and inform you they are from Swindon area and match the above scenario please contact Martin Woodley Doorstep Crime Team Leader on 01865 815331.

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Stealing petrol from cars – Oxford City


The practice of stealing petrol from cars, by drilling a hole in the tank and draining off the fuel, has unfortunately returned to Oxford City.  The offences are ocurring after dusk.
If practicable please try to park your vehicle in a well lit location and ideally in a garage or on the drive of your home.
Thank you for your time.

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Motor Vehicle thefts in Oxford City


During the last two weeks there has been a series of motor vehicle thefts in Oxford City. The offender has used a flatbed or low loader truck to remove the vehicle from the scene.
If you see a low loader style truck, without any business markings, winching a car onto its back, please take a note of the vehicle registration number and notify the police by dialling 999.
Alternatively you can phone the Neighbourhood Watch office on Oxford 335133.
Thank you for your time.

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Recent Telephone Scam

Watch Members are being warned of a recent telephone scam, where callers pose as BT representatives. People have been targeted by the unscrupulous callers, who ask for a payment to be immediately made to clear arrears on their telephone account. People are told that if they don’t pay straight away, they will be cut off, and the caller is then asked for their bank or credit card details. Sometimes, the scammer terminates the call mid-way to demonstrate that they are able to cut off the phone line.Anyone receiving similar calls is reminded not to divulge their banking details, and to report the call to Trading Standards on 0845 4 04 05 06


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News from Our Neighborhood Watch Co-ordinator

I am the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. I put relevant messages from TVP on the Victoria Road Notice Board. I will try to post messages that are sent to me straight onto this site, so a wider audience can see the messages. I used to put letters through the letter boxes of all the houses but as I do this post as a volunteer it started to get very expensive. I also feel that putting it straight onto this site would be a green way of sending information, instead of using paper. I also feel that people will be able to get hold of me quickly if they need any information. Please use comments to this post if you have questions about neighborhood watch that would be of value to other members of the Road.

Oona Feazey, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator


There are 3 messages for your information from Thames Valley Community Messaging:-

During the last week there has been a spate of thefts from motor vehicles in the North Oxford area. Small items that have been left on display inside parked vehicles have been taken.
Please remember to remove all valuable and attactive items from your vehicle when it is left unattended. If you are able please pass this advice on to your neighbours and friends.
Many thanks for your time.


The Home Office has compiled an information pack to help keep homes safe. You can order your pack by phoning 0800 456 1213 and quoting “burglary pack”. If you order this pack you will also receive a discount voucher for home security supplies from a major DIY retailer.
Thank you for your time.


The Home Office has announced that a National Domestic Burglary Awareness Day of action will take place on Tuesday 7th April. The Neighbourhood Specialist Officers and the Police Community Support Officers will be out in the community to offer information, they will also be handing out leaflets on Crime Prevention, and bike marking etc.
The Three Top Tips from Neighbourhood Watch are;
Never leave keys near a window or door (thieves are increasingly stealing car keys so they can take cars, often using a hook or magnet on a stick pushed through the letterbox).
In just over one third (30%) of burglaries with entry, the thief gained access through an unlocked door or open window. Make sure doors and windows are locked particularly when leaving the house.
Are often left unlocked and may be full of tools ideal for breaking into the rest of the house. Fit sheds and garages with strong padlocks. Always lock ladders in the garage or shed to stop a thief using them.

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Neighborhood Policing

Nearly a half dozen officers have been assigned to a Summertown Neighbourhood Policing Team. They can be contacted by phone on 08458 505505 or by e-mail at

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