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Recycling Web Site and News

The Oxford City Council’s Web site on recycling is very useful and includes some news, at least to me. For example, we can now recycle household batteries by placing them on the top of our blue or green bin in a clear plastic bag on the collection day. 220px-Recycling_symbol.svg

The site is at

and information about batteries at:

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Fixing Fuel Poverty in Oxford

Last year there were 44 excess winter deaths in Oxford resulting from Fuel Poverty. With a legal responsibility placed on Government to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016, it is getting worse.

Brenda Boardman trustee of LCON and author of Fixing Fuel Poverty will address the AGM of Low Carbon Oxford North on May 22nd at 7.30pm at Beechcroft Road Baptist Church hall. All are welcome.

Doors open at 7; AGM starts 7.30; speaker at 8ish; refreshments 9.

Fuel Poverty



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Missed a Spot: Sprucing Up the Road for Queen’s Jubilee

Victoria Road residents pitched in to repaint one of the road sings before the Queen’s Jubilee and the neighborhood’s Seven Roads Party. Many thanks to Jonathan for the paint job, and to Sally for supervising. We are sure that this is only one of many indirect benefits of the celebrations.

Jonathan at Work

Missed a Spot

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This is Litter: Support OxClean

Victoria Road residents were out again in support of OxClean, an effort to pick up litter in selected areas of Oxford, England. This year it was 3 March, but we hope everyone pitches in to pick up litter everyday. If you think there is not a problem, there are some snaps below: maybe you can’t see the litter. But the good news is that the area we have cleaned over the last three years has gotten progressively better, making each year somewhat easier. So make a real difference and do one thing that is blindingly obvious in support of a better environment.

What's wrong with this picture?

And this is litter.

This is Litter.

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Insights on a Green Oxford: The Recycling Journey

The City of Oxford in collaboration with students at Oxford Brookes University has produced a video, entitled ‘The Recyling Journey‘, that explains the recycling process in the area.

The video can be accessed at:


Other videos are being produced by Oxfordshire Waste Partnership and we will forward information about these when they are available.

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Start Walking: A Road Trip to Islip

It may still be winter, but the scenery is beautiful on the walk to Islip. A bit over 3 miles each way. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon away from Victoria Road. We made it from Victoria Road to Islip and back in 4.5 hours – well over 1 mile per hour with lunch included – beat that!

Crossing Stream on Walk to Islip

Pause on Walk to Islip

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All the Little Shops UK: Value to Summertown?

There has been interest in how to save more of the small shops in Summertown. In that spirit, I’ve run across an initiative called ‘All the Little Shops UK’, which is in the process of building an online platform. They have a Web site already at

It is possible that online initiatives such as this can build a critical mass of users that will enable small retailors, for example, to have more visibility than if they are going alone online. Since being offline is likely to undermine a store’s visibility and viability, maybe we should help alert local shops to this potential. I think they can sign up free.

All Little Shops UK

Comments? Thoughts? We have been wondering about activities we might undertake to support local enterprises, and perhaps this is something to support.

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