About the Victoria Road Group (VRG)

The Victoria Road Group involves residents of Victoria Road, Summertown, Oxford, in a variety of activities, ranging from recyclying to enjoying the company of neighbours. In recent years VRG has organised: quizzes, dances, music performance nights, safari supper, garden parties, Christmas parties and media swap events.  Anyone in the road can join in – there is no committee – just people who turn up to meetings and get involved.  For further information contact Jonathan Bromley (no.59), 01865 311302. Or leave a comment on this blog.

Victoria Road 2009

Victoria Road 2009

Enjoying Company at Green Balloon Day 2009

Enjoying Company at Green Balloon Day 2009


  1. Nick Lee said

    How wonderful to get the VRG on the web!

  2. Dick Wolff said

    Is it only possible to post on the blog via comments on existing threads? Or under existing categories (‘Charity’, ‘Issues’, ‘Public Safety’, ‘Services’, ‘Uncategorised’). I’ve posted a comment in some general place about the water running across the pavements round us, but it may be it needs a thread of its own.

    • vrgblog said

      Only moderators can post a new thread. We need to set the Chair of the VRG up so that she can moderate, along with anyone else she wishes to have this role. Until then, and at any time, just post a comment for any relevant item, and ask that a new topic be set up, and if it makes sense, it will be done as soon as one of the moderators can get to it.

      Thanks for your participation. You’ve really written a useful comment, which has been used to set up a new thread about ‘Water Over the Road’.

  3. Oona Feazey said

    I am the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and at the moment I put any messages from TVP on the Victoria Road Notice Board. Would it be possible for me to put messages that are sent to me straight onto this site, so a wider audience can see the messages?
    I used to put letters through the letter boxes of all the houses but as I do this post as a volunteer it started to get very expensive. I also feel that putting it straight onto this site would be a more green way of sending information, instead of using paper. I also feel that people will be able to get hold of me quickly if they need any information.

  4. vrgblog said


    Thank you for volunteering to be the Neighborhood Watch Co-ordinator. We have a post entitled Neighborhood Policing. I’ll set up a post entitled ‘Neighborhood Watch’ and you could simply post comments to that post whenever you have more information to share. Alterntively, I will speak to the chair of the VRG about whether we could do something beyond that.

  5. jellywilliams said

    We are losing many front gardens to car parking. Does anyone have photographs of the front gardebns we used to have? Might be good for our Victoria Road blog?

  6. Paul Lewis said

    As part of its constitution the Victoria Road Group, at its regular meetings, does not discuss planning applications, political iniatives or any matters that could be divisive between residents. However, it may be that users of this blog might like the opportunity to discuss more sensitive issues and issues of wider concern beyond Victoria Road. What do people think? Perhaps we could have a debate about this on the blog and bring the results back to the next VRG regular meeting in January?

  7. vrgblog said

    Paul, I’ve argued that it is possible for the blog to be used as a means to bring information to the attention of residents of Victoria Road, even though the issues might be controversial, such as over green space, the ‘incinerator’, street lighting, etc. I think this can be done without lobbying or campaigning for an issue, but I agree that there can be many grey areas. A blog can serve many of the same functions as a physical bulletin board.

  8. Paul Lewis said

    It would be good to hear wider views about this as we’ll be discussing the whole issue of the VRG Constitution and reviewing what is off limits at the next regular meeting in January. The debate on the blog can be brought to the meeting as representing the views of some people who may not wish to attend meetings.

  9. vrgblog said

    The outcome of discussions at the VRG meeting was a decision to broaden the blog to be an open forum for news of relevance to the road, and to capture the viewpoints of residents and their friends and neighbours. The VRG will continue to post notices on the blog, but it is open to other groups as well, such as evident in regular postings from our Neighbourhood Watch Officer.

    We hope this opens up the blog to a wider diversity of viewpoints, that do not necessarily represent the opinion of any particular group. Hence, the new title for the blog of ‘Victoria Road News and Views’. Suggestions of better titles and topics are always welcome through comments on the blog.

  10. Not sure how to email you directly, but people on Victoria Road may want to know about the campaign to save Summertown Library from closure. More details here http://www.savesummertownlibrary.blogspot.com, or email savesummertownlibrary@gmail.com

    • vrgblog said

      WE have posted your comment on our post that discusses the library closure. Thank you for writing.


  11. Hello everyone. Just to let you know I have taken over the VR welcome pack from Nick, so if you have anything you’d like added etc, please get in touch with me mandajoyce@hotmail.co.uk or number 105. Thanks, Manda
    PS it would be great to have some new photos – please get in touch if you have nice pix from any of the VR events.

  12. vrgblog said

    How great to know that the VRG blog is going to burst into life again. Check back here regularly for news about Victoria Road and its residents.

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