EasyHotel planning decision

The planning application for a budget hotel on the Summertown site currently occupied by Majestic Wine was approved earlier this month. It appears that our local LibDem councillors Andrew Gant and Mike Gotch tried to get the decision reviewed, but they were not able to get the support of the 12 councillors that would be required to trigger a review.

The hotel development is now almost certain to go ahead very soon. The additional footfall in Summertown will no doubt be welcomed by local retailers, especially bars, cafés and restaurants. However, despite the developers’ insistence that it will be a car-free hotel, it seems likely that there may be additional pressure on parking in our area. Should we consider trying to mitigate this? For example, would it be reasonable to lobby the Council to extend the times when our Controlled Parking Zone is in force, including early mornings to discourage use of local on-street parking by hotel guests and oblige them to use Park and Ride or similar facilities?

Let us know your thoughts!


  1. Paul Lewis said

    I was at the Planning Meeting where the planning application was passed and the suggestion was made about increasing the restricted parking hours. The representative from Highways at the County Council said this was unlikely to happen as there was no money to make the changes to signage. I suppose the big change would be extend the hours to the weekends but then it is more inconvenient for our own visitors. Speaking personally I’d have thought Lonsdale, Portland and Hamilton will take the brunt of the extra parking and I would be reluctant to lobby the CC to extend the restrictions unless it turns out to be a problem in reality once the hotel is operational.

    Paul Lewis paul@my-lewis.co.uk 07957 364141


  2. billdutton said

    Thanks for this post. Making the neighbourhood better for some should not make it worse for others. I wish the Council could have voted to simply discuss this development. A more focused issue might be more productive, as you suggest.

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