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Spring emerging…….

Sunnymead Jan 15

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Improved street lighting

The new street lights that were installed in the road in the Autumn are a great improvement on the old ones.  In particular the placing of them at the back of the pavement gives the road a clearer, more streamlined appearance.  It would be nice to see the rest of the phone lines go underground. None show up in this picture but are visible at the west end of the road.


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The VRG Meeting on Monday 12th January was held in Paul and Mary’s home.  There were some new attendees – Sue and Iona.  Plans for the Quiz on 28th February are progressing and a flyer about this will be distributed this weekend – 17th/18th.  Liz agreed to take over the role of blogger-in-chief and keep the VRG blog fed with new material.  Sue also expressed interest but anyone who feels they might like to make regular contributions should let Paul Lewis know and he can provide the login details.

Apologies that not much has been happening on the blog since Bill Dutton left for Michigan, but we look forward to an active site for the rest of 2015.

Happy New Year to all Victoria Road Residents!

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