Recycling Nespresso

Twice, Nespresso has failed to pick up my recycled capsules. They also provide no email address to contact them. Their phone number is always busy. Given the success of this product, you would think they would be responsible on recycling. Has anyone had similar problems with @Nespresso?


  1. Paul Lewis said

    Nespresso collected my recyclables when they delivered my last order. Paul

    from Paul Lewis 07957364141


  2. Bill Dutton said

    Paul, you are very lucky. No problem in the past, but now two orders in a row have left recycled capsules on my doorstep. @Nespresso

  3. Rick said

    Nespresso does not collect in my state (VA), so I have to take them to one of their “recycling partners” which are essentially the stores where the Nespresso machines are sold.

    I’ve been to two of them already, both William Sonoma, and they refused to take the capsules alluding they were not yet “set up” for that. Both stores have been in those locations for years!! I mentioned they are listed as recycling centers in the Nespresso website and that I called Nespresso directly to make sure, but they did not care about that.

    For those living in Northern Virginia Tysons Corner, Vienna, Fairfax area, the only collection point that took my capsules was:

    Tyson’s Galleria 1711G International Drive Space 1010
    McLean, Virginia 22102

    They also sell everything WILLIAMS SONOMA sells but at better prices!!

  4. billdutton said

    Now in the US and missing my Nespresso machine. But I’m reminded I have to check into recycling issues before moving ahead.

  5. Nick L said

    This relates to an issue that I feel extremely deeply about. I have not bought Nescafe products since 1974. Their policies regarding selling baby milk and other products in the developing world are reprehensible. You may have heard of the slogan, ‘Nestle kills babies’, or take a look at: No Nespresso = no capsules to dispose of.

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