VRG Meeting Minutes of a meeting held on Thursday 1 December 2011

VRG Meeting

Minutes of a meeting held on Thursday 1 December 2011

At No. 46

Appointment of Minute-taker: Philippa

In attendance: Mary (in the chair), Paul, Suzi, Bill, Celia, Jelly, Sue, Nick, Betty, Sally, John, Ali, Da, Diana, Mick and Philippa

Birthday congratulations to Betty!

1.            Apologies for Absence

Anna, Chris, Sam, Manda, Peter, Mike and Mireille


2.            Minutes of last meeting and Matters arising from them


3.            Photographic competition

Winner will be announced at the Christmas party.


4.            Events:

            Performance Evening 22 October

Report on the Evening: It was agreed that it went very well. Thanks were expressed to the core team – Manda, John, Paul and Mary – and all those who helped on the day. The upstairs hall was better in some ways than downstairs, although some felt it would have been better staged lengthways. Unfortunately staged that way, the performers might have been right on top of the audience as it is slightly narrower than downstairs. There was some time to chat at the end: however, some kind volunteers had started clearing up straight away. It was agreed that we would try hard to prevent this next year. Some people had to leave at half time but that was thought preferable to them not coming at all. The proportion of audience participation numbers was higher this year than previously: the majority agreed that this was a positive thing but the balance needs to be monitored and also the choice of sing-along-songs needs some care. Some new things were tried and they generally worked well. Suzi suggested checking out the United Reformed Church hall as it has a real piano, and the shape is perhaps better.

There was a complaint following the event from the Church Hall that the floor was left rather dirty, and they were not able to charge the two classes the next day. Mary had given a donation of £40 on behalf of VRG as compensation to the Hall. It had been swept on the night but clearly it was not entirely clean. It was suggested that we bring vacuum cleaners next time or buy a big broom to use. We will also urge the Church Hall to provide more adequate equipment themselves.

            Green Book Day/Media Madness  19 November

Report on the Day: a very pleasant event. A bit disappointing that we did not have many new people. A lot of books were exchanged. Thanks to Mike and Mireille for hosting the event and Jonathan and Bill for depositing all the remaining books with Oxfam. Mike and Mireille were complimentary about the organisation and help they had received.

5.            Future Events:


Christmas Drinks/Carol singing   Sunday 11 December, at No.56:

Meet 5.15pm for carol singing outside No. 105. Drinks would be from 6-8pm at No. 56. Sufficient wine was available from the Performance Evening. Ali would sort out glasses. Nick would get mulled wine spices, juice etc. Guests to bring festive finger food. Celia has a preserving pan if needed for the wine. Ali would clear her pinboard for displaying the photographic entries. Mary would arrange to have prize money available.


Green Balloon day was the next scheduled event: a date in May would be fixed at a future meeting.


Seven Roads Party: There is an extra bank holiday at the beginning of June for the Queen’s Jubilee. For the Millennium there was an event for the Seven Roads that connect in the area, and everyone in those streets was involved. Most of King’s Cross Road was shut off with a number of attractions going on. It was a wonderful event. There is a proposal for a similar event for the Queen’s Jubilee. The VRG is not committed in any way and people can participate individually. There are three street representatives on the committee: Mary, Ali and Sally. There were alternative dates still being debated: either the actual day, or the previous weekend. There was not a strong view from the group present about which was best. It was agreed that we would provide a donation of £100.

Additional event: Mike and Mireille had suggested a wine tasting. This was along the lines of Call My Bluff with the ‘experts’ presenting the vintage of the wine etc, and people guessing which description was true. Nick and Sue would find out what was needed to run this. Mick, Philippa, Sally, and Ali volunteered to assist with organising. Proposed dates: 4th 11th 18th or 25th February. Mick would check with the venue asap.

5.            Communications Received

From Scope thanking us for the goods we gave them after Green Balloon Day which, along with a gift aid declaration, have raised £23.

A communication had been received re. Hernes House Residential Home concerning an application to develop 9 family size houses with 18 car parking spaces. This communication would go on the noticeboard.

A reminder that Oxclean would take place on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd March: people were encouraged to join in with the litterpicking.


  1. 6.              Any Other Business

Newsletter: It was reported that Manda had done some work on this. Ali and Da will distribute if it is ready in the next week or so. News about the winetasting event would be incorporated. Paul and Mary would print it.

Finances: £535.35 in the bank before the donation to the Seven Roads event.

Suzi raised concerns about the spate of business closures in Summertown and proposed contacting newspapers or local councillors. Everyone supported the idea of writing to the Councillors. The Chair of the Group agreed to write.


            Date and venue of Next Meeting-

Monday 9th January 2012 at Sally and Jonathan’s.

Finally, thanks were expressed to our hosts, Mary and Paul.

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