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Minutes of meeting 8th June 2011

Wednesday 8th June, 8pm at Bill and Diana’s (55)


Attendance: John Clarke (Chair), Bill and Diana Dutton, Philippa O’Connor, Betty Marshall, Anna Buchanan (Treasurer), Sam and Ali Clarke, Paul and Mary Lewis.

1         Appointment of Minute Taker

Jonathan took the minutes.

2         Apologies

Received from Jelly, Nick, Sue, Da, Andrew, Manda, Mick and Gordon.

3         Minutes of last meeting, and matters arising

Minutes are online at and were approved.

Matters arising:

  • Newsletter – pending

action: Sam

  • Pursuits initiative – pending

action: John

  • Minutes are currently distributed (for those with internet access) by an email containing a link to the blog.  Should we include the minutes in the body of that email?  Consensus that it was pointless to include an attachment because that gives rise to at least as much security concern as an external link, but it would be valuable to include the minutes as plain text in the email body (in addition to the blog link as at present).
  • The Chair is still hoping to find a successor shortly, and suggested that all those on the minutes circulation list should be assumed to be candidates unless they expressly withdraw.  This did not find general approval, but Chair will make a specific request for nominations.  John and Sam to prepare a document outlining the duties.

action: John, Sam

4         Photographic Competition announcement

Was circulated as part of Green Balloon Day notice, but perhaps might not have had sufficient attention as it was on the back of a notice that’s usually only single-sided.  Sam suggested we create an A5-size flyer with a short version of the announcement and a link to the full information.  Coordinator has not yet been appointed; must handle submissions and other administration.  Philippa suggested we might approach younger people (particularly art/media students?) to help with coordination and judging.  Ellie Shorrock and Ruby Barendt-Reid were mentioned.  There should be a display at the garden party event to raise awareness.

action: John

5         Review of Green Balloon Day (14th May)

General agreement that it had gone well, with good numbers at coffee, plenty of nice cakes, but perhaps not so much material out for exchange.  There was a suggestion that making exchange of plants a focus of next year’s events might be popular.  However, that would need the event to be no later than mid May, or even early June.  Agreed that the basic format is still valuable and does not need major change.

Sam suggested that entertainments could attract some who otherwise would not participate.  Dick Wolff had played accordion this year, giving a good atmosphere.  Next year offers many opportunities for interesting activity (Olympics etc) – perhaps we could even close the road for various races such as slow bicycle race.  Animated discussion around this topic included mention of corsets and The Big Lunch, with no specific conclusions reached.

Meeting expressed thanks to the Community Police Officers for attending.

Treasurer reported that expenditure had been £12.80, and contributions of £57.00 were received.

action: John

6         Preparation for Summer Garden Party

This is to take place on Sunday 19th June at no.59.  Invitations not yet sent out – we have left it rather late, but can’t change the date now, and notification has already been given elsewhere.  Paul agreed to prepare invitations and take responsibility for printing and circulation – anticipated cost about £25.

action: Paul

Stop press: the invitations have now gone out. Thanks, Paul and everyone who distributed them.


Crockery could mostly be borrowed from Nick Lee’s stock.  Jonathan and Nick have gazebos.  Mary and Paul have the water boiler.  Trestle tables and enough chairs are with Jonathan and Sally.  Many sources of tablecloths.  Mary to ask Janet whether we can borrow St Michael’s Church cups and saucers. (Stop press: this is now complete and Janet has made the arrangements.)  Philippa agreed to do face-painting for young children.  Jelly Williams to be asked to do name labels as usual.  Mary and Ali will do any necessary shopping.

action: all!

Setup (gazebos, tables etc) from 1.30.

action: Jonathan, John, Mick

Tea rota:
3.00 Anna and Ali
3.30 Da and Bill
4.00 Andrew and Mary
4.30 Betty and Sam

Noted that clearing up should not begin too soon, as it might appear somewhat inhospitable.

7         Communications received

  • Revised planning application for No.57: 11/00535/PDO (entirely internal)
  • OxClean 2012 (2/3 March) – discuss at a future meeting

8         AOB

8.1      LCON

Sam Clarke reported that Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON) is now a registered charity after about 16 months’ existence.  There is to be a meeting on 9 June at North Oxford Association to introduce the Low Carbon Living Project, and there was a meeting on 7th June promoting the ONCORE project to put a 50kWp PV installation on the Cherwell School roof.  Details at

8.2      Skip

There was some discussion about Bill’s suggestion (see minutes of 19-Apr-2011) that VRG should hire a skip for general use.  Jonathan expressed unease that VRG would be paying for benefit of  the first few users.  Bill is reluctant to proceed if there are to be further complications.  General agreement that it was worth trying, but we should make people aware of the cost (without restricting access).  Skip should go on someone’s drive as this avoids some costs.  Paul agreed to arrange this for July.

action: Paul

8.3      Music Evening

Mick O’Connor would set up a group to organise.  Preferred date is 8th Oct in Summertown Church Hall; second choice 22nd Oct.  Mick will check availability.  Noted that hire of lights and other equipment would probably cost about £180.

action: Mick

(Stop press: this is now fixed for the 22nd October.)

8.4      Bank Signatories

Anna pointed out that cheques need two signatures and this can be problematic if one of the signatories is away.  We should arrange three signatories, with two signatures required on cheques.  This was agreed.  Anna will organise in due course.

action: Anna

9         Thanks to hosts

Bill and Diana were thanked for their hospitality.

10    Date of Next meeting

Tuesday 19th July at No.46.

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Support Victims of the Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami: Summertown Event

If you are like millions of others, and don’t know how you can support the victims of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, there is an event this afternoon, 4 June, in Summertown. All money received will be sent via the Japanese Embassy directly to help orphans of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

On Day Tsunami Hit from The Independent

A colleague of mine has alerted me to this fundraising fair and concert this Saturday (4 June) at the Summertown’s United Reformed Church, 294A Banbury Road. As my colleague says: “So if you fancy a spot of Japantastic activity, whilst helping to raise some money, please do drop by and get involved!’

If you have any time to spare this afternoon, please consider dropping in. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.


Fundraising Fair and Concert

Saturday 4 June 13:30-17:30

Summertown United Reformed Church
294A Banbury Road

What’s on:
– Live violin and piano, chamber music throughout the event
– Sushi and other Japanese food and refreshments
– Bake sale
– Calligraphy, original Kanji T-shirts, origami workshop
– Japanese toys and cards
– Painting exhibition
– Japanese crafts, house goods and second-hand book sale
– Raffle with fabulous prizes!

All money received will be sent via the Japanese Embassy directly to help orphans of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

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