Exploring Views on a Community Benefit Co-Operative: Photovoltaic Panels for Cherwell School

Dear friends, and neighbors of Summertown,

I am contacting you to ask whether you’d complete this modest survey to help us gather information about our emerging enterprise to put photovoltaic panels on the roofs of The Cherwellschool. We are setting up a community benefit co-operative and are circulating this survey to assess views and reactions.

How Photovoltaic Cells Work

How Photovoltaic Cells Work

I’d be very grateful if you could give it the 4-5 minutes it might take and circulate it if you can think of anyone who might have feelings or interest in this sort of thing.

Though there’s the opportunity to give feedback contained in the survey, please comment on this blog if you have further reactions that don’t fit the survey template, or which you wish to share with others.

Just follow the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LCON

Thanks very much



  1. vrgblog said

    This seems like an excellent idea for the school and the community. What are the possible risks?

  2. vrgblog said

    I’ve heard that the project to install the cells at Cherwell was a success. Congratulations to all, and particularly to Sam, who help lead this initiative.

  3. vrgblog said

    This has been one of the more popular posts on the road. Great to see such environmental awareness, and evidence of strong social entrepreneurs in the area.

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