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Minutes of VRG meeting 21st September 2010

Minutes of a VRG Meeting on 21 September 2010

Present: Philippa; Mick; Bill; Sue; Gordon; Mireille; Celia; Nick; John; Betty; Ali; Sam; Mary and Anna


Apologies: Sally; Jonathan; Jelly; Paul; Da; Peter; Susi and Manda


3.         Minutes The Minutes of the last meeting were approved

Matters arising:

a)      The position of Re-cycling Champion is still vacant. Nick said that this is a very undemanding job, the main requirement of which is a meeting every couple of months.

b)      Website sub-group It has been decided that the Victoria Road Group website will be kept to a minimal level with a link to the blog. Bill has briefed Paul and Jonathan about this and Paul has blogged. It was discussed, and agreed, that the Minutes of meetings should be posted on the blog, but without addresses and that nothing personal should be used. John will send an email message to people containing a link to the minutes, and deliver hard copy to those who do not use email.

Paul and Bill have started a VRG Facebook Group, but so far only the two of them belong to it! Anyone who is interested should email Bill. Nick said he thought anyone who joined the Group should have a connection to  Victoria Road, e.g. present or past residents, but then suggested that people in the Seven Roads community might be welcome, particularly if they attend our functions. Several people disagreed with this, as it might lead to people using the Group to advertise articles for sale, etc, and too much traffic. Bill pointed out that Facebook is a very ‘lite’ (sic) communication with no response necessary. He felt the main issue would be whether people used it at all, given the low use of the blog.


c)      Water on the pavement Bill said that someone from the council had been to look at this and said that it isn’t the Council’s problem. Sam enquired whose responsibility the ice on the pavement is. Jonathan and Bill are pursuing the issue of water and uneven pavements, and will report back to the next meeting.


4.         Events

Quiz Night

Ali has approached Derek about sharing the compering, but wondered if anyone else would particularly like to do it.


The meeting discussed the fact that a lot of people who normally share out the tasks will not be able to go this year and Nick said we should still encourage others to go the Quiz Night. It was agreed that it doesn’t really matter if the numbers are small. Anna has agreed to organise the tickets and has already had a request for a tickets. SO…




Ali will ask Derek to buy the drink; Sam will buy soft drinks and nibbles. Derek will

also buy a bottle of champagne as First Prize, Ali will buy the Second and Conso-

lation Prizes.

Nick will provide tumblers

Set-up at 6.45: Philippa, Betty, Gordon, Sam, John

People on the door at 7:45 (including routing VRG people to the Upper Hall)

Bar-people at 7:45, 8:45 and 10:00: Philippa, Sam

Clear-up: Everybody!

PA: Dick has agreed to let us use his and Mick will lend an additional mike-stand.

Philippa will provide lamps. Ali will check with Peter and Susi about the use of

Peter’s van and about Susi keeping the score. John will find out about whether there

will be enough tables and chairs, given the scheduling of another quiz in Lower Hall.

Someone will be needed at the bottom of the steps to direct people to the right one!


8.00 Start

8.45 Break – 30 mins

9.15 the first scores will be read

10.00 Break

10.15 Final Scores and awarding of Prizes


The tickets will be £4. Although there is money in the account we want to maintain

the principle of one fund-raising event per year – everything else we organise is


A second reminder will go out on Friday 8th if necessary. Betty suggested that we

remind people that it is in the Upstairs Hall.

Green Book Day is on 13th November at Nick and Sue’s house – No.41. A notice about this will go out on 30th October. Paul and Mary will print this.


Christmas Party is on 5th December at Sally and Jonathan’s house.


We discussed having a barn dance or similar event in February 2011, but agreed to take no further action this year.


5.         Low Carbon Oxford North

This is a small community organisation to help people make their lifestyle lower carbon. There has been an inaugural meeting and will be another meeting on 25 November, focussing on roof panels, in the Cutteslowe Community Centre. Sam will send a note to VRG if appropriate. ‘Carbon Conversations’ are a series of 6 evenings looking at climate Change and one’s own carbon emissions, from a viewpoint of the psychology of change. It is hoped that these will begin in January. The groups will look at issues of household carbon emissions and transport. It is noticeable that there are 20 car-sharing clubs in East Oxford and only in North Oxford. The groups may also encourage supermarkets to install photovoltaic panels on their roofs.

Nick asked about people grouping together within the road to purchase items for saving carbon emissions and Ali pointed out that the Bromleys had already suggested this and that a supplier in E Oxford is interested.


6.         Film Night

Paul suggested this and John talked about it in his absence. Paul had proposed exploring hiring one of the smaller rooms at the Cutteslowe Community Centre, but John suggested starting with a small number of people meeting in someone’s house as a pilot, with privately-owned equipment. He himself fancies on old-fashioned programme with a B movie and/or people making ‘shorts’ themselves. Mick said that Peter Diggle has a lot of old 8mm films about local things. Someone suggested animation ‘shorts’. People we don’t normally see at VRG things might get involved. John will ask Paul to organise in someone’s house in February. Apparently they have a Film Night at the Gardener’s Arms pub. Mick suggested that it could be a monthly event – great for community feeling. Sam suggested a mini season, so that numbers wouldn’t be too critical and the programme could be balanced. Ali said we could just pick a home with a big room to start with.

Suggestions to Paul for a mini-season in different homes (3 dates). If anyone has a suitable room could they contact Paul or John.

7.         Apple Juicer

John suggested we use VRG funds to buy a 12 litre press, for £450, and offered to develope a proposal to address the problems of cleaning, storage, instructions and insurance. Celia wondered about renting one, but the difficulty would be that everyone wants them at the same time of year. Anna and Gordon felt that it was too much money for limited reward; not everyone in the Group has apples.

Nick has a juicer which he would be happy for people to try out on a certain day. He will liaise with John to see how many people want it. This would be by invitation only.


8.         Matters Arising

Community Action Groups. They reported the Low Carbon Oxford North meeting.


John had received an email from the Church Hall offering to put a VRG link on

their website. We thought we wouldn’t do this.


Any Other Business

Celia asked people to be aware of brambles from their garden crossing the pavement.


Gordon said that people over 70 years of age can have their house draught-proofed by the council and Sam said that they will insulate one’s roof or cavity walls for £99.

Nick reported that he had delivered Welcome Packs to the new people at no. 26 and would do so to no.25


The meeting expressed thanks to Mick and Philippa for their hospitality, and to Betty for all she does for the Group.


The next meeting is on 3rd November at No.41




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