Meeting over Victoria Road Blog and Web Site

A small group met this evening to discuss the value of the Victoria Road Web site and blog. The suggestion was made that we leaflet homes on the road about the blog, with instructions on how to reach and comment on the blog. Ironic? Maybe, but it could provide a simple, easy to use guide on how to keep up to date on developments, from neighbourhood watch to garden parties. With respect to the Website, we recommend that we keep a simple, skeletal Web site on Communigate, with limited information, and a link to the blog site.

Paul Contemplating our Blog

The suggestions from the meeting:

– That all future communications, whether by email or hard copy, refer to the blog with its address or the quick ‘Google’ way in to it.
– That the website at Communigate be left in place, but that the content be reduced to simply the calendar function and a short note about VRG and a link to the blog (it costs nothing to keep it available).
– That we produce a simple leaflet with a schematic ‘idiots’ guide’ to how to use the blog and how to register for email alerts about topics of interest.  The leaflet would go to all households – whether VRG aware or not.  Where we have email addresses this could be sent as an email?

Jonathan agreed to have a go at writing this leaflet.

We had serious doubts that anyone would use a new website as the access to the old one was about 90 hits a year for ten years – mainly those were me going in to amend stuff and people retrieving minutes that can easily be sent by email.  On the other hand, if someone moves in to the road and looks for a website they’ll at least find the residual one and the link to the blog.

I would suggest that as the chair of VRG you should have ‘moderator rights’ as well as Bill and I.

Ideally we would have a system that alerted everyone registered on the blog to new posts but there doesn’t appear to be an automatic function to support this (except where they add a comment and register for updates to that thread).  We could send an email once a month with a round-up but that would be labour intensive and a bit self-defeating?

What are your views?


  1. vrgblog said

    Coming in as a user, can I get regular summaries by e-mail?

  2. Paul Lewis said

    We’re looking in to that but may have to do a weekly round-up by email off-line.

  3. Paul said

    Actually I was contemplating how long my next beer was taking to arrive. It was 35C at the time!

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