The URN for this message is 838/06/03. On Saturday 6th March at about 1.30pm in Union Street, Oxford a male has knocked at door claiming to be a police officer. He asked the 91 year old occupant if he could speak with her son or daughter, the aggrieved replied they were not there. The male has gone straight to kitchen at rear of property asking her to follow him. He has spoken to her briefly saying that there have been robberies in the area and asked if her money was safe. The aggrieved has checked her hand bag and replied yes, the male has then left and on this occasion did not take anything. The male is described as wearing some sort of uniform and had a photographic ID card. The male is White, 40 years, 5’08, slim build with dark brown hair. We would once again like to stress how important it is not to let anybody into your home even if they say they are a Police Officer until you have verified their identity. To check whether the person is a genuine Police Officer ask f!
or his/her name and number, close the door and phone the Police Non Emergency number 0845 8 505 505. Once on the phone explain that you need to be sure that the visitor is genuine The “Police Enquiry Centre” will be able to confirm this. The Police Officer will not mind waiting while you check if anything they will commend this action, if the caller is not genuine he will probably have gone by the time you return.

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