Oxford Spring Clean: Victoria Road Residents Contribute to ‘Oxclean’ on 6 March 2010

For the last 2 years there has been  an “Oxclean” campaign to collect litter and tidy up any neglected parts of Oxford. This year, members of the Victoria Road Group felt that if there were areas nearby where volunteers were proving hard to come by we might raise a posse to do our bit. On Sat 6th March, five of our Victoria Road volunteers spent the morning picking up litter around the A40 flyover near Marsdon. This was really hard work, but rewarding. There must be many areas like this, where there is no clear household responsibility for keeping the area clean, so we hope everyone makes everyday an opportunity to help keep the city and countryside free of litter. Many thanks to all of the volunteers (some of whom are pictured below). Many thanks to all of the sponsors, which included The Oxford Times, MacDonalds, Oxford Civic Society, The Helping Hand, Grassroots Grants, and the Oxford City Council.


Victoria Road Volunteers for OxClean


  1. Mary said

    I think I could do a bit.

  2. vrgblog said

    Diana and I would like to join in as well, but probably only on Saturday.

  3. Manda Joyce said

    Hello, I can do Sat PM, Manda

  4. Dick Wolff said

    Sorry, Karen and I are both tied up that weekend

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