VRG Minutes are On the Line

The Minutes of the 21 October 2009 meeting of the Victoria Road Group (VRG) are posted on the VRG Web site. Click here to go to the Minutes. Issues covered in this meeting included everything from quiz night to freedom of expression, so do check them out, and come to the next meeting scheduled for 21st of January (notices of time and place to be circulated as usual).


Trial Ballon over Victoria Road


  1. Dick Wolff said

    I see the car sharing scheme was discussed briefly at the recent VRG meeting. Karen and I have talked seriously about letting our car go and car sharing, but in the couple of months between getting a leaflet through the door and me checking the scheme’s website the share-car marked on their map anywhere near us (I think it was on the new estate opposite St Edwards School) seems to have gone.

    Our usage is typically when I’ve got a Friday or Saturday night gig and have sound equipment to carry.

    It would be good to continually survey where local residents are at on this one. I don’t know how many participants are needed to make a critical mass, but I’d have thought there was a chance of the ‘Five Roads’ sustaining one.

  2. Paul Lewis said

    From what I have read and heard you need quite a large group to sustain a car share scheme – 50 or more I think. I suspect we’d struggle in the five roads (or even seven roads) to find people that wanted to use car share instead of owning a car. But we might find enough families that have occasional need of a second car. Another thought is that if the shared car was quite roomy with large load carrying capacity then when people changed their cars they might consider gettign a much smaller car.

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