Service Recommendations from the Street

Residents of the Road often share their recommendations on various services and providers with whom they have had experience, or know. Here are some of our recommendations (additions can be recommended through the comments to this post):

Language Lessons

  • Learn French in Perigord at Teacher Dany’s. You can learn French and choose from activities such as visiting prehistoric or medieval sites, participate in sports, hiking or walks and more during weekly home stays for one or more people in Perigord. See:

Bottled Milk and Dairy Delivered to Your Door

  • Get local milk delivered fresh to your door the old fashioned way, along with other produce, while also having the convenience of ordering and paying online at Milk & More. Go to:

House Painting

  • Kidlington Decorating, owned by Alan Witcher, has painted several homes along Victoria Road. Tel 01865 379580 or Mob 07973 659611. Quality work, at a fair price.

    House Painting on Victoria Road

    House Painting on Victoria Road

Music and Entertainment

  • Marilla String Quartet: established in 1993 by residents in our neighborhood. You can listen to some of their music through their site.

Home Fix It and Repair

  • Suggestions welcomed ..

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  1. John Clarke said

    I’m looking for someone to do a repair on our electric oven.
    I’d be grateful for the name of someone reasonably local who has done a satisfactory job of this kind for anyone.

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