Uneven Pavement: Is it a problem? What can be done?

Several members of the VRG have noted the potential risks of the uneven pavement on the street. Others felt it was not a problem.

What do you think about this issue? Is it a problem? If so, what do you believe should be done?

NOTE: You may report any problem with a local road, path or pavement online at www.oxfordshirehighways.org/reporting


  1. vrgblog said

    Well, this winter, the ice on the pavement made it quite a challenge. I don’t believe I was the only to to fall this winter.

  2. No 28 said

    Not too worried about the pavement here, but is anyone tempted to take a pair of secateurs to the overhanging hedge by the Carphone Warehouse? A bit of a hazard when walking back down the road in the dark…

  3. Gordon Buchanan said

    The uneven pavements have largely been caused by residients having their pavements lowered for car access and repair afterwards having been poorly done.
    Gravel spilling out on to the pavement can also cause one to stumble.

  4. Janet Rodgers said

    As one with the biggest ice-skating rink over my pavement I really wish I could do something. My neighbor looked into it extensively and found that there is a Catch-22. If I can prove the water is rainwater, the city would assist with putting in a drain. But if it is groundwater (which it seems to be since it wells up under my car), the water “belongs” to me and I’m responsible for it. The city won’t have it in their drains and sewer either. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with groundwater if I can’t help it go downhill into the city drains! So I shall have to continue sprinkling cat litter on it in the winter for awhile, I guess.

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