Victoria Road News and Views: A Blog for Residents and Friends of Victoria Road in Oxford England

All residents of Victoria Road are invited to use this blog to learn of upcoming events and issues relevant to Victoria Road, Summertown, Oxford. It is maintained and moderated by volunteers among its residents. It is open to all residents and friends for comment, and can serve as one more channel of communication for a number of groups on the road. Presently, our Neighborhood Watch Officer and the Victoria Road Group (VRG) post information on the blog. However, no information on this blog necessarily represents the views or opinions of the neighbourhood as a whole or any group. It is meant to enable communication among the residents.

Victoria Road

Please comment on this page if you wish to raise any issue for discussion, or have any suggestion for how to improve this blog. This is your opportunity to tell us about what’s important to you and what you would like to see on the Victoria Road News and Views blog today and in the future.

Don’t forget to check the public notice board on the road, and on this site, for dates of future events, meetings, attractions and other significant dates for the neighbourhood. On this blog, you may click on categories of posts to see those entries of most interest to you.

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  1. Jelly Williams said

    My bike was stolen sometime on Friday, Friday /Saturday night 18/19 May. It was taken from the back of our garage which can only be reached by climbing some fences or railings. We found no traces anywhere. I thought I would let you all know to keep garages locked, windows closed etc etc. The bike was about 30 odd years old and nothing special but it had good replacement wheels and bike lights.
    Jelly Williams

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